The catalogue contains descriptions of  products and firms manufacturers. The catalog is divided into sections "Verified sellers" "Verified buyers" "Not verified firms" "Firm fraud (blacklist)" You can place the data on your company in any of these sections. The administration of the portal reserves the right to determine in which partition to place the data of your firm.

Most popular topics: "Verified sellers" and "Verified buyers"

How to become a Verified provider or verified buyer?

The data submitted by representatives of the company are verified in any case.

By results of check the administration of the portal moves data to a particular section.

To ensure that the firm has passed the test, you must provide supporting documents and recommendations of two or more firms with whom You have worked recently.

After payment, Your company is assigned the status of "Trusted supplier" or "Verified buyer"

You can place information about Your products and Your company in the section of Unverified firms.

If the data You provide  is false, this information will be transferred to the "Company Scam"

You can also post information about the firm suspected in fraud, but for this You will need to provide supporting documents.

If You do not agree with the placement of data in the section "Black list of companies", you can challenge providing the appropriate documents.